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Add a cursor to change the hue (as in HSV) of the skin (i.e. different color for same skin)

papin , 09.11.2011, 14:33
Idea status: under consideration


papin, 09.11.2011, 16:11
I'll explain this. There's a possibility to create new skins, based on what's found in the skin folder. I let this to the creative minds. However, I like the skin but may want to change the colors. Instead of creating multiple skins for different but limited colors (too many possibilities to fulfill everybody's tastes), why not use the SVG format for skins. In this case, it would be no problem for the brilliant authors to add a cursor somewhere to change at least the H value of the HSV format. It could be extended to modify also the S and V values. Then everybody will be happy. It could even be automated to adapt to the current wheather or the mood (see relevant user's suggestions)...

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